Design and development of the GUARDIAN ecosystem at ALTRUIST 2021

At November 13, Giulio Amabili, researcher at  National Institute of Health and Sciences on Aging (INRCA), presented a paper about the Guardian project at ALTRUIST 2021 workshop. ALTRUIST was at its first edition and counted more than 40 attendants. The aim of the workshop was pushing the synergetic contribution of Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things, Robotics and Social Science to develop innovative and effective researches and technologies for the ageing society. The presented paper focuses on the description of three main stages of the development of prototype 1: the definition of user requirements, the translation of user requirements into technical requirements, and the Guardian system architecture. Then, some results from usability tests run in Italy were presented and discussed. 


Giulio Amabili - INRCA

“I would like to thank Ilaria Ciuffreda for the effort in writing the paper, as well as Roberta, Sara, Arianna, Marco and Nicole for the support.”