A new AAL project

Guardian - The social robot to support independent living

I’m Guardian, the social robot companion who supports home care nurses and helps seniors to maintain independence in their own homes.

Daily routine

Guardian sets (small) personal goals together with the senior and caregiver. He lets the senior be in control, but supports the senior when needed by monitoring the senior’s activity and providing reminders, suggestions and compliments.  

Social companion

Guardian has a friendly and calm personality. Guardian learns who the senior is and what matters to him/her. He loves to talk about a person’s favourite topic, the weather or to tell jokes 

Personalized care

Guardian senses the senior’s overall activity and health and will inform the caregiver about the person’s well-beingHe is able to send a request when (extra) care is needed or when the care plan should be adjusted.


GUARDIAN project

GUARDIAN is a European research project that provides an innovative approach to support caregivers by means of a social robot that:

  • Provides information about the situation at home to the caregivers through human-robot dialogue and through sensing;
  • Provides daily structure for the senior through reminders to eat or drink or take medicine.

Latest news

Third consortium meeting

Early October 2021, the GUARDIAN project team gathered for a consortium meeting in Ancona. Based on the findings from the user studies with prototype #1, product improvements were discussed and prioritized. We particularly focused on three themes: (1) Personalization and social companionship, (2) Responsible Innovation, social desirability and ethical acceptability and (3) Business Modelling and IPR. The meeting resulted in a development roadmap towards prototype #2.

Assessment of Domestic Well-Being: From Perception to Measurement

Nowadays, there are plenty of sensing devices that enable the measurement of physiological, environmental, and behavioral parameters of people 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provide huge quantities of different data. Data and signals coming from sensing devices, installed in indoor or outdoor environments or often worn by the users, generate heterogeneous and complex structured datasets, most of the time not uniformly structured…